In Dialogue with the Bible: A Tough Hermeneutic Inquiry

Oct 10  Genesis 2-3

Ikons of human childhood – What exactly happens to us in the Garden of Eden?

Oct 17  Genesis 22

Elohim and HaShem / Deus Absconditus and Deus Revelatus – What went wrong on Mount Moriah?

Oct 24  Mark 6

A two course dinner and twelve doggy bags – About miracles and the forgotten sacrament of bible mission.


Time 時間: 10:30am-12:00nn

Fee 收費: Free of Charge

Venue 地點: Zoom

Target 對象: Pastors, Scholars or Graduate Students

Registration 報名:

Deadline of Registration 截止報名日期:2 October, 2022

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Uwe Vetter

The retired Reverend Dr. Uwe Vetter, former rector of the central church of the Rhineland, is member of the theological board of examinations. For two decades he was in charge of developement of a contemporary preaching culture in urban contexts. In particular he created new forms of night liturgies for missionary city churches. His focus on "hermeneutics“, the science of understanding, reflects the challenge of devote listening to Bible texts, the reflection of the guiding conditions of learning and teaching, and the constant renewal of language and communication in a modern world. In Düsseldorf, Dr. Vetter is mentoring and coaching pastors in their early stages of pastoral work and preaching.

Chairperson: Rev. Dr. Lawrence Ko Ming-him 高銘謙牧師

Alliance Bible Seminary
- Chair, Division of Biblical Studies
- Editor-in-Chief, Erdaozijian
- Philip Teng Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

Respondent: Rev. Dr. Benedict Kwok Hung-biu 郭鴻標牧師

Alliance Bible Seminary
- Chair, Division of Theology Studies
- Chair, Dept. of Theology
- Director, Graduate Research Program
- James Cheung Professor of Theology

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►On-campus or Live online lectures only. 實體教學或網上直播,不設錄影回看。
►English only, no translation nor subtitles. 全英文講座,不設翻譯或字幕。

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