An introduction to Muslim Studies for Curious Christians


日期: 2019年12月2-6日(週一至五)
教學語言:英語 (若有需要會提供耳機即時傳譯)

講師:Christopher M. Joll 博士
Christopher M. Joll 博士是紐西蘭藉的人類學家和宗教研究學者。在過去的19年,他以泰國為研究基地;在這段時間,他主要的人類學及民族誌研究對象是泰國的穆斯林小數族群。他的研究興趣是跨學科(人類學、語言學、歷史、神學及伊斯蘭研究)及宗教對話(伊斯蘭、基督教及佛教)。Joll 博士曾在泰國、馬來西亞及紐西蘭擔任多個研究職位,他現時分別在紐西蘭、馬來西亞及泰國的大學擔任研究員及研究生督導工作。 


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An introduction to  Musilim Studies for Curious Christians

Date and Time:Dec. 2-6, 2019, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (one hour lunch break).  
Teaching Medium: English (interpretation through earphone may be provided if needed)
Place: City Campus of Alliance Bible Seminary, 1/F, Rialto Building, 2 Landale Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. 

Instructor: Dr. Christopher M. Joll
Introduction to the Instructor

Dr. Christopher M. Joll is a New Zealand anthropologist and religious scholar, who has been based in Thailand for 19 years.  His principal ethnographic subjects over this time have been Muslim minorities in Thailand, but his research interests are inter-disciplinary (anthropology, linguistics, history, theology, and Islamic studies), inter-religious (Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism), and trans-national (Thailand and Malaysia).  His first monograph, Muslim Merit-making in Thailand’s Far-south (Springer, 2011), expanded on the impact of language change and religious reform among bilingual urban Malays explored in his doctorate (National University of Malaysia, 2009). Since 2009, he has held a number of research positions in Thailand, Malaysia, and New Zealand. Between 2012 and 2016, he conducted multi-sited fieldwork exploring the forms Sufism practiced between Central and South Thailand, which was partly funded by SEATIDE (  This ground-breaking project not only furthered his interests in the anthropology of Islam, and linguistic anthropology, but also introduced him to visual anthropology. As such exhibitions of fieldwork photos have been added to his list of contributions made to academic conferences.  Dr. Joll has also actively put anthropology to work by publishing alternative analyses of ethnoreligious, and ethnolinguistic sub-national dynamics in South Thailand.  He is currently a research associate, at the Religious Studies Program, School of Social and Cultural Studies, Victoria University of Wellington, and adjunct faculty at the National University of Malaysia’s Institute of Ethnic Studies, where supervise a cohort of post-graduate students working in Thailand.  Since October 2018, Dr. Joll have been a visiting research fellow at the Muslim Studies Centre, at Chulalongkorn University’s Institute of Asian Studies.

Course Goal and Purpose
Islam is a religion with many faces and expression.  Other than diverse racial and geographic background, Muslims around the world also influenced by their cultural heritage and socio-political context in their expression of faith and practice.  The purpose of this course is to help the student to understand and appreciate the diversity of Islam in their social contexts and how the Muslims live out the faith in their daily lives.  The goal of the course is to equip Students to understand and interact with Muslims in their social context in order to share the Gospel with them.  

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